Pushing the Art Forward

I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to an incredibly diverse spectrum of art in my life and a lot of history behind the evolution of it. From visual art or opera to experimental theater, immersive theater, broadway, and ballet. I’ve worked in most of these genres as well as teaching a lot of them and am a huge advocate about conversation. I am constantly challenging people to think about if they like the work, do you understand why it’s important, or why you don’t like it. I have recently been teaching at the Martha Graham New York School for Contemporary Dance (not teaching her technique), I explained that I didn’t like her work after studying the technique in college and seeing much of it live. Several faces went white, and after I explained that I still very much appreciate what she brought to the art and how it changed what was happening at the time and opened doors for other artists to evolve what people are exposed to the exhale was overwhelming and the understanding of an educated opinion was so satisfying. 

In my own work I am integrating movement vocabulary from ballet, contemporary, physical comedy, and American Sign Language. I feel so satisfied having an opinion and putting it into my work if it’s well received or not, I just hope the audience understands where we are all coming from and that we are all here for an experience and in the end a little more self knowledge. And hopefully some wine. 

-Jonathan Royse Windham


Artist empowering artists. That is what we strive to do here each day at J Street Wines. Our mission to deliver exceptional wines to our customers collided with our love and deep roots in supporting artists across America, giving birth to the idea that a wine label can be more than just a selling tool.

J Street Wines offers artists across mediums, from performing to sketch and photography, the opportunity to use our bold Cabernet Sauvignons, smooth Chardonnays, and silky Red Blends as vehicle to promote their talents and fill our customers’ homes with their unique artwork. However, our passion for supporting artists does not stop at the label. We partnered with Sacramento, California native, Jon Affonso, to produce small-batch, craft wines that appeal to dedicated wine enthusiasts and occasional drinkers alike – fruit forward and easy to drink.

Watch the full interview with our winemaker, Jon Affonso,  here

Watch the full interview with our winemaker, Jon Affonso, here

“When [J Street Wines] approached me it was very intriguing to me because I like having the artistic license to do stuff…most people come to us and say we want to do a chardonnay with this characteristic and this appellation, and it ties my hands as an artist, but because you guys gives me a much broader canvas to work with and [it] allows me to pull from different elements and create something much more interesting. It allows me to create things in the way I want them to be done… It’s a really unique opportunity.”

Every J Street Wines purchase helps to support our partner artists. Artists empowering artists. Now that’s something we can all raise a glass to.


-Jim Windham


J Street Wines

My Life and Art

From Guest Blogger Jonathan Royse Windham:

I was born a creative person, making plays and dances and paintings as soon as I could, always in search of new mediums and ways of storytelling, trying to evoke emotion and test other peoples' boundaries and reactions. At a very young age I would sit my family down on the couch and explain elaborate shows playing every part, also choreographing and directing my family and friends in every production I could think of. This includes the “Clothesline Theater Company” that put on a show in our basement at Christmas. Our family was adamant about taking us to the theater and concerts and exposing us to very diverse art.

 Moving from my hometown in Colorado to New York after high school fed and informed these desires and passions. I’ve made it a mission to experience a very diverse spectrum of performance, visual, cinematic, and culinary arts.

I am a firm believer of pushing every art form forward and exposing as many individuals as possible to different aesthetics and ideas and new experiences.  

I also have learned so much and had so many amazing connections over an amazing glass of wine and a delicious meal, I know these experiences are invaluable and we want to facilitate that for you.

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J Street Mission

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Here at J. Street Wines, we create an opportunity for up and coming artists and provide a platform to gain exposure for their work.

We are a family of creators and understand how hard it can be to show new and progressive work, and gain national exposure. 

At J. Street, we have created a collaboration of winemaking and artistic inspired labels because what better combination is there? We break the mold of how you think about wine, art, and collaboration. 

We provide an accessible medium to promote artists and have those artists gain exposure for their work. 

The label image created by each artist is innovative, interesting, imaginative, and designed specifically for each wine. The label for each wine is a one-of-a-kind design.

Creators from the performing, visual, and literary arts are featured. They are given an open canvas to express their works. The wines and associated labels are selected by a diverse group of artists, art and wine lovers.

Each wine bottle has website information to contact the artist and winemaker.

The wines are produced in small lots, with grapes grown throughout California's best wine producing regions. Our winemaker creates wines that appeal to the next generation wine drinker - fruit forward and easy to drink. This isn't your parent's wine but they'll love it too. 



Welcome to J Street Wines, a world of wine, winemaking, and art combined. We’ll cover topics from wine regions to tasting to photography to dance. My background has spanned twenty plus years in the restaurant and wine distribution business marketing wines from almost every wine producing country in the world. My son Jonathan is classically trained in ballet, residing in New York City and will contribute the art scene from his perspective. He has performed with the New York Metropolitan Opera, a cast member of the Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof, Gallim Dance, named by Dance Magazine “25 to Watch” for 2013, Company XIV, and Santa Fe Opera. Over the past two years we have created a wine brand featuring artist-designed labels for our wines. The wines are designed for the next generation wine drinker with fruit forward characteristics and soft tannins. Blog posts will be from our team covering many aspects of wine and art, including some guest bloggers, as well as the occasional “vlog.” We hope you enjoy and join in on the conversation!


Jim Windham

J Street Wines