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Our Story begins with a strong connection and love affair with the Arts, Food, and Wine. We had many family gatherings centered around performances by my son Jonathan, whom is enjoying a successful career in dance and theater. At one of these family gathering the question arose "how does an emerging artist get exposure for their work?" As a family with firsthand knowledge of the struggles for an emerging artist, we understand it takes a tremendous amount of hard work and perseverance to get your work exposed and be successful in your field. The solution was clear - gather artists interested in submitting artwork for our wine labels in exchange for the possibility of exposure. This began the joyful journey we are privileged to be a part of, experiencing the delight, joy and hope for new visions for all involved. Publishing artwork from aspiring artists is a way to recognize the artistic community. Plus we love creative people. The relationship of wine and art is symbolic and opens your hearts and minds to new life experiences. Spread the word - Art Makes the World Better.                                               

                                                  Jim Windham - J. Street Wines.



ARTISan creations

The Sum is Greater Than the individual Parts

Our mission is to create an opportunity for emerging artists and provide a platform for them to gain exposure for their work.

Inspired to create a collaboration of winemaking and artistic inspired labels. The label image created by each artist is new, interesting, thought provoking and designed specifically for the wine.

Creators from the performing, visual and literary arts are featured, artist are given an open canvas to express their works. The wines and labels are selected by a diverse group of art and wine lovers.

Each wine bottle has website information to contact the artist and winemaker.

The wines are produced in small lots, with grapes grown throughout California's best wine producing regions. Our winemaker creates wines that appeal to the next generation wine drinker, fruit forward and easy to drink.


California craft wines

SMALL PRODUCTION wines made from grapes grown throughout

California's best wine producing appellations:


Lake County

El Dorado County

Central Coast

Madera County

Sonoma County